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Orlando Pro Summer League, Day Three: Three Superlatives

Day Three of the Orlando Pro Summer League is in the books. Let’s take a look back at some of today’s superlatives.

Best Individual Performance: Damion James, New Jersey Nets. There’s more to basketball than scoring, obviously, but I can’t overlook the guy who posted the highest individual point total of the week so far in a win against the Orlando Magic today. James scored 30 points on nine-of-18 shooting in 34 minutes. His peripheral stats—three rebounds, two assists, and a steal—don’t jump off the page, but this one does. Despite all the possessions he used, he didn’t turn the ball over once. The first-round draft choice is looking like a keeper.

Honorable mentions: Joe Crawford, Magic; Matt Janning, Boston Celtics; Josh McRoberts, Indiana Pacers.

Breakout Performance: Matt Janning, Boston Celtics. Consider that Janning, an undrafted combo guard from Northwestern, didn’t play at all yesterday, and made only a 10-minute cameo in Game One. Now consider that he scored 20 points in 25 minutes today. More impressively, he posted a game-high eight rebounds. They weren’t cheapies, either; he was battling with the big guys inside for most of them.

Honorable mentions: Paul George, Pacers; Latavious Williams, Oklahoma City Thunder.

Most Disappointing Performance: Evan Turner, 76ers. It’s tough to list a guard who managed eight rebounds in this slot, but there aren’t many reasonable alternatives. Turner’s eight boards impress, but that’s it. His lone bucket in six tries today was an uncontested fastbreak layup. He badly airballed an open three-pointer, committed six fouls, turned the ball over three times, and didn’t make an impact on defense. The 76ers like his versatility and triple-double potential, yet he already looks like a poor fit alongside the ball-dominant point guard Jrue Holiday.

Honorable mentions: Gordon Hayward, Utah Jazz; Daniel Orton, Magic.