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Stray Dog Strays Too Far Into Path Of Tour De France Cyclists

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↵Dogs, like all the mischievous domesticated animals we allow into our homes, are prone to disrupt the affairs of humans for the sake of a mere iota of attention. They do not grasp the import of the events they interrupt. For them, all that matters is that they be acknowledged, and maybe even given a treat. So went the single-minded thinking of this stray dog, who felt it necessary to stroll in the path of a pack of oncoming cyclists taking part in the Tour de France. ↵

↵The incident with the dog on Sunday would augur bad things for the racers, as crashes would await on Monday for more commonplace reasons: a slick course that officials believe was exacerbated by water mixing with oil on the course. Those conditions caused Lance Armstrong and defending champion Alberto Contador sustain nasty falls. But at least they won't come away with a newfound grudge against dogs like British racer David Millar. ↵


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