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Minor League Team's Reaction To Dmitri Young Weed Arrest Is A Bit Telling

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Former journeyman slugger and two-time All-Star Dmitri Young was arrested early Monday and charged with misdemeanor drug possession at a regional airport in Illinois. Fortunately for him, the consequences won't be particularly dire: Young is receiving a $100 fine and isn't in danger of losing his job as a bench coach for the Independent Frontier League's Oakland County Crashers. ↵

↵Beyond voicing support for Young, the team made an interesting statement that essentially expressed regret that he ran afoul of the law, but ultimately is very understanding of his use of marijuana to deal with his various post-career ailments. ↵

↵⇥“With 13 seasons of Major League Baseball and six more years in the minors, Dmitri Young has had more than his share of bumps and bruises — to his knees and back — as well as his well-documented fight with late-life (Type II) diabetes,” Hilliard said. “While we believe Dmitri could have exercised better judgment in this situation, we have been speaking with his physician and are beginning to have a clearer understanding of the circumstances surrounding his health. ↵⇥

↵⇥ “What we are certain about is Dmitri’s positive impact on our players, their approach to the game and their commitment to competing." ↵⇥


↵That's a pretty forgiving statement, given the fact that he was arrested with it at an airport and that marijuana isn't often touted as a treatment for diabetes. General pain reliever, perhaps, but that's an application that can be claimed more broadly than the law allows. Nevertheless, it's a stance that reflects marijuana's further acceptance as a medicinal tool. While the team has to show respect for the letter of the law, which is even now less stark than it once was, it's clear that officials don't fault Young for using the drug as a palliative. ↵


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