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Report: Kings Say No To Kovi -- Again

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In the ongoing saga that is the Kings flirtation with signing free agent Ilya Kovalchuk, the latest chapter has L.A. once again declining to meet the high-scorer winger's high salary demands, according to the Los Angeles Times.

The reason for the Kings to say no again remains the same: the team was to maintain financial flexibility in order to re-sign many of its young players.

"We really would love to add Kovi to our team, but not at the cost of our good young players," Tim Leiweke, the Kings' governor and chief executive of parent company AEG, said Wednesday night. "Dean is trying here, but we know what we need in cap space going forward to keep our nucleus together. We can't let one guy throw us into panic in a year or two. It is not about cash. It is about cap."

Is it over? Probably not until Kovalchuk signs with another team, but the Kings have remained firm on two fronts: they want to sign Kovalchuk but only at the right price.