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Cavs Blog: LeBron James' Legacy Ruined If He Signs With Heat

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It's understandable for Cavaliers fans to feel pretty bitter if LeBron James does end up leaving Cleveland to play in Miami. As well they should, of course. They lived and died with him (figuratively, of course) throughout his career, and they were hoping his legacy would be as the guy who saved a cursed sports city. 

Therefore, if the move happens, SB Nation's Cavaliers blog Fear The Sword writes that it will tarnish LeBron's legacy forever.

Fairly or unfairly, LeBron's legacy is what is at stake, not merely winning or losing.  That's what comes along with being the most hyped athlete ever to come out of high school.  That's what comes along with exceeding those expectations.  That's what comes along with having a nickname like King James.

Going to Miami, a team with a superstar in place already, can only take away from that legacy.  Right now, LeBron is the greatest Cavalier of all time.  Sure, not the legacy James is hoping for, but heading to Miami, where Wade is The Man, and Pat Riley gets all the credit and little blame, would not help LeBron escape the shadow of Jordan.

The argument here is that if LeBron goes to Miami, he'll become Scottie Pippen to Dwyane Wade's Michael Jordan. He'll be a sidekick, not a featured player. I'm not so sure about that, but Fear The Sword's post is a legitimate way for a Cavaliers' fan to express one's disgust with James if he does actually leave.