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Report: Chris Paul Urging LeBron James To Stay In Cleveland

There are many NBA players who have more of a stake in LeBron James' decision that Chris Paul, so take this news however you please. Still, Paul is one of James' closest friends, and there remains a remote possibility the two could one day play together if Paul is traded away from the Hornets. His input matters, even if other players' input matters more.

Therefore, it's at least somewhat significant that Paul is reportedly telling LeBron to stay in Cleveland. Via Chris Broussard:

Chris Paul, one of James' best friends, has urged him to stay in Cleveland and let new Cavaliers coach Byron Scott coach him, according to sources. With such strong sentiment around him to not go to Miami, it's possible James could alter his decision.    

Paul has long been a fan of Scott, going back to their days in New Orleans, so this isn't a huge surprise. But it's still another person trying to pull LeBron James in a different direction.

Ultimately, based on Broussard's article, it appears James' heart is in Cleveland, but his head is in Miami. If Paul's advice somehow finds its way into LeBron's head, it could change his mind.