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Brock Lesnar Opens As Slight Favorite v. Cain Velasquez, Quickly Becomes Larger Favorite

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Thanks to Bloody Elbow for bringing word that Lesnar/Velasquez opened with Brock at -125 to Cain's -105. Once money started to come in it was pretty strongly coming in on Lesnar which moved him to a -145 favorite with Cain at +115.


Velasquez has the best chance of any heavyweight in my mind to beat Lesnar.  He is very quick, has good striking (including leg kicks that I think will bother Lesnar), his wrestling is top notch and his cardio and pacing is insane. If Brock gets by Cain I don't see Junior dos Santos or Roy Nelson having any chance at beating him.


We'll keep an eye on this match-up and monitor the odds as well as bring word when the date of the fight is finally announced.