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Is LeBron James Actually Going To Miami, Or Is This All A Smokescreen?

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Sports Illustrated's Ian Thomsen asked the question we all should be asking today: why should we definitively believe what we're hearing about LeBron James heading to play in Miami?

I've been hearing all year long is that James alone will make this decision. He will listen to advice, he will take account of the different offers and opinions, and in the end he will make his own choice. This is what I've been told for a long time and it was spelled out most eloquently in a recent column by the Cleveland Plain Dealer's Brian Windhorst, who is plugged into James' camp.

So when I read of unnamed sources saying that James is going to Miami, I wonder: Do they absolutely 100 percent know what he is going to say Thursday night?

It's a really good point. Thomsen makes a second good point later in the article: why would LeBron's handlers put together this television event, then leak the outcome to a few select reporters? That doesn't make much sense, does it?

This isn't to say all the reports of LeBron going to Miami are definitively false (leaks happen, y'know?), but we should exhibit some caution before believing them to be absolutely true.