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Unbelievably, The Case of Jordan Love Gets Dumber

A small but significant footnote to what was supposed to be the open-and-shut (if idiotic) case of Jordan Love, the part where UGA police chief Jimmy Williamson characterized the entire incident as a misunderstanding and said the arresting officer would make that clear to the county court judge, should have been the end of this sordid affair:

[On] Wednesday police presented Judge Charles Auslander with what they considered extenuating circumstances after Williamson spoke with Love's family Tuesday. Love does not use his middle name, Lawrence, as he was named for someone with whom the family no longer associates, Williamson said.

"We just felt that since new information was now known, that we should at least make it available," Williamson said.

While the occasionally boneheaded Athens PD may have sympathy for Love's situation, the understanding ends with them. The judge upheld the charge, and now this is going to trial. There will be a trial in a court of law, because of fireworks and Jordan Love's middle name. Lord a'mighty.