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Report: Cavaliers Holding Out Hope, Even Though Associates Say Miami

Two of the best national reporters to emerge from this mess are Yahoo! Sports' Adrian Wojnarowski and Marc Spears, so it only makes sense to link their final take on all of this. Basically, the conclusion they reach is that, while most of LeBron James' associates say Miami, Cavaliers officials still don't believe he's leaving.

LeBron James and his associates have been relentless in the hours leading up to Thursday night's television announcement in telling multiple league officials that James has made up his mind and will join Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh with the Heat.

Nevertheless, as Cleveland police braced for possible riots and James' departure promised to be hailed as the darkest hour in the city's dark sports history, Cavaliers officials have privately clung to hope that James has done nothing but work up a frenzy about himself leaving only to be welcomed back with a joyous celebration of relief. Some league officials close to James continued to question whether he has the stomach to go to such lengths to disappoint his hometown.

If LeBron does indeed leave, though, I think we can point to this line and laugh about it. 

A source with knowledge of the conversation, said James recently told a friend he would sign with the Heat because he didn't see enough effort from his Cavaliers teammates in the playoffs and that he wanted to win a championship as soon as possible - rather than risk having to wait toward the end of his career like Boston Celtics stars Paul Pierce,Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen.    

You're right, LeBron. I distinctly remember it being Mo Williams that shot 3-14 and was booed mercilessly by his home fans in Game 5 against the Celtics.