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Recapping Jim Gray's Interview With LeBron James

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  • LeBron James has focused on free agency a lot this year, he said. Yay.
  • He has enjoyed being "recruited" by the six teams, calling it a "humbling" experience. I would say it's probably been the opposite, considering how everyone is recruiting him and not vice versa, but hey, what do I know.
  • He says he can't control all the outside anticipation. Suuure.
  • LeBron said he can count the number of people who know his decision on one hand, after being prodded by Jim Gray about whether it was "one hand" or "two hand."
  • LeBron also said he made up his mind today after a conversation with his mom. CLICHE ALERT! (Sidenote: I don't believe him).
  • LeBron just informed the team who got him that they got him, and didn't inform the other five teams. The sound you just heard is five TV sets being turned off.
  • Wow, LeBron is a nailbitter. Yay. Thanks for unearthing this essential information.
  • So it's Miami. I thought it wouldn't take that long. At the very least, it was nice of LeBron to create even more suspense by stuttering.
  • LeBron says his heart will always be in Cleveland, but "the greatest challenge is to move on." I'm sure that'll soften the blow, right? Okay, maybe not.
  • He's not sure he will live in Akron anymore, saying his fans will have "mixed emotions" back then. Then, he says he'll go back to Akron because it's home. Word of advice, LeBron: don't go back home.
  • LeBron said this whole process was "very tough," which I don't believe. I'm sure it was a tough decision, but I'm also sure he loved the attention.
  • LeBron also said he's a loyal person, but that his mom said he needed to look out for himself first and foremost. He also said his mom said Miami would make him "happy," which of course changes everything. 
  • You know what this means, folks: Stephen A. Smith was right. I now feel dirty for saying that. Sorry, Stephen A. The next cheese doodle is on me.