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Cavaliers Blog: LeBron James Is No Longer The Chosen One

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Of course Cavaliers fans are upset about LeBron James' decision. SB Nation's Cavaliers blog Fear the Sword sums up that anger here.

LeBron spoke of Miami being the best opportunity for him to win multiple championships.  Perhaps he is right.  What we can say, however, is LeBron James' global icon status is no more.  LeBron needed to build a team, and win a championship, as the greats in the past have.  He did not.  He chose to turn tail and run.

Something happened in the Boston series in which LeBron James decided he didn't want the pressure of leading a team.  LeBron James is not MJ, he's not Kobe, he's not Bird or Magic.  LeBron James is a complementary piece on another great player's team.  Perhaps that is what he wanted all along.

"King" James?  Nope.  "The Chosen One"?  Hardly.

Fear The Sword also called for real Cavaliers fans to stay strong and continue to support the team even without LeBron.