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Heat Blog On LeBron James' Decision: Never Doubt Pat Riley Again

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Miami Heat fans over at SB Nation's Heat blog Peninsula Is Mightier are predictably excited about LeBron James teaming up with Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh in Miami. But here's one thing that they want you to remember in all their excitement: credit Pat Riley for putting this all together.

Will anybody ever doubt Pat Riley again?  He has been planning for this for a while now, and tonight his ultimate dream became a reality.  He landed the three most coveted free agents that were out there, taking LeBron from his home and bringing him down to Miami.     

It's a good point. Even though LeBron, Wade and Bosh chose to go here, it takes a lot of salary-cap maneuvering and a long-term plan to even make this all possible. Riley deserves a ton of credit for that, and it'll be interested to see how he tries to fill out the roster with basically only minimum contracts.