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Cavs Owner Makes Big Mistake: Use Of Comic Sans In LeBron Letter Inexcusable

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Cavalier owner Dan Gilbert should be commended for his candor for his reaction to the LeBron James Decision in an open letter to sent to Cleveland fans.

However, his use of Comic Sans as the font for the letter can't be condoned. As a graphic designer, I wouldn't use this typeface unless a client is holding a gun to my head.

Now, thanks to sensation Gilbert's letter was caused on Twitter, comic sans will be popping up everywhere.

Here's my open letter to Gilbert: next time think before you react and choose a different font.

Minion is quite popular in book publishing and Garamond is also a good choice. If you want to use a sans serif font, Helvetica is a classic.

Anything but comic sans. Well, maybe, except Papyrus.