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Even After His Open Letter, Dan Gilbert Is Still Talking About LeBron James

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You can't put the spoken word in Comic Sans font, unfortunately, but that hasn't kept Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert from continuing to voice his disapproval -- strongly -- after LeBron James' announcement Thursday night that he's leaving the franchise for the Miami Heat.

Gilbert, who earlier in the evening published a loud, angry letter about James' decision, conducted a phone interview with Tom Withers of the Associated Press, telling the reporter that he felt "betrayed" by the 25-year-old superstar.

Gilbert also told the AP that it's "accountability time" for James.

"He has gotten a free pass," Gilbert said in the interview "People have covered up for [James] for way too long. Tonight we saw who he really is."

Gilbert also told the AP that James quit on the Cavaliers during each of the last two postseasons, most recently during the second round series against the Boston Celtics.

"He quit," Gilbert said. "Not just in Game 5, but in Games 2, 4 and 6. Watch the tape. The Boston series was unlike anything in the history of sports for a superstar."

More highlights from the AP interview:

  • Gilbert voiced displeasure with James behavior leading to Thursday night's announcement, saying James never returned a phone message or text from the team since the season ended.
  • The Cavaliers did not learn of James' decision to leave for Miami until the show, broadcast at 9 p.m. EDT on ESPN, went on the air. The team got a call at that point from one of James' business partners, Rich Paul.
  • One last blast from Gilbert: "LeBron James needs to go to another team with two superstars already so he can win a championship. We will win a championship before [the Heat] do."