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In Miami, Dwyane Wade 'Speechless' After Hearing Of Dan Gilbert's Letter

Not sure if we can call Dan Gilbert's missive "The Letter Read 'Round The World" yet, but we're getting there.

We at least know it's made its way to South Florida, because the Associated Press also caught up with LeBron James' new Miami Heat teammate, Dwayne Wade.

"I think I'm happy that I have the owner that I have here in Miami," Wade told The Associated Press late Thursday night. "I'm happy Micky Arison is my owner. I couldn't believe it. I'm speechless. It's very unfortunate and I think it makes LeBron that much better about his decision.

"We knew 'Bron would take some backlash," Wade added. "I told him he's a strong man for it."

No reaction yet from the other member of the newly formed super trio, though we assume Chris Bosh will update his website soon or, ideally, film a new video response.