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Seantrel Henderon Officially A Miami Hurricane

Blue chip recruit Seantrel Henderson’s long, strange trip through the recruiting process ends on this the ninth day of July, 2010, a full seven months after the 2009 season ended and five months after National Signing Day.

Henderson will—we think, barring any further drama—arrive at the University of Miami’s campus in the fall to play football for the Hurricanes. This follows Henderson’s release from his letter of intent for USC, his original commitment that went to pieces when the NCAA announced heavy sanctions against the Trojans for the infractions of the Reggie Bush case.

Henderson will not lose any eligibility or suffer any penalty for his transfer. Additionally, his father will have a platform for his rap career, since Miami has spawned successful rappers like Uncle Luke, Trick Daddy, Pit Bull, Flo-Rida, and Rick Ross. That this is even a consideration probably goes a long way towards explaining why this took so long and involved so much relentless nonsense, but good luck to all involved anyway.