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Tennessee's Darren Myles Dismissed, Two Players Suspended After Bar Brawl

The hammer has already fallen at Tennessee for some of the players apparently involved in a bar brawl that ended only after an off-duty police officer was injured and barstools were swung. Head coach Derek Dooley dismissed Darren Myles from the team and handed Marlon Walls and Greg King the dreaded “indefinite” suspension.


Although we are still gathering all the facts and some legal proceedings will follow, we have taken some initial levels of discipline resulting from my conversations with the student-athletes who were present.

Myles was one of two players charged in the incident earlier, the other being Da’Rick Rogers. King and Walls don’t appear to have been publicly linked to the fight before Dooley’s announcement.

Meanwhile, an attorney for DT Montori Hughes says the players didn’t start the fight. The lawyer also says there’s no surveillance tape, which should make it so much easier to straighten this out.

Keep an eye on our Tennessee blog, Rocky Top Talk, for more on this story as it develops.