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Jake O'Brien Misses Weight For DREAM.15, Ricco Rodriguez Asked To Step In

At the time of the weigh-ins for DREAM.15 Jake O'Brien was still cutting weight for his bout with Gegard Mousasi at 205 pounds. With it appearing clear that this light heavyweight bout would not be coming together DREAM has reached out to former UFC champion Ricco Rodriguez to see if he would be able to make the cut to 205.

Rodriguez was originally in talks to meet Strikeforce champion Alistair Overeem on the card but that bout fell through when Overeem grew weary of DREAM's delays in confirming an opponent. Of course, that meant that Ricco was planning to fight at heavyweight if he fought at all and now according to Ricco Rodriguez's twitter account he is being asked to make the cut to light heavyweight.

From an interview with Sherdog: If O'Brien doesn't make weight, do you fight Mousasi? Or if Mousasi doesn't accept, do you fight O’Brien at heavyweight? Which is it? 

Rodriguez: Listen, the only thing that would suck is that if I were to fight Gegard, I'd have to cut the weight now and I might not make it. And if I fight Jake, then, you know, I'm prepared to fight anyone. I'm waiting for this opportunity. I came here to fight for Dream, for the Japanese fans, I'm prepared. My goal right now is to be in the best physical shape of my life right now. Like I said, I'm just waiting, for this opportunity, as much as possible. = What are you weighing at right this moment? 

Rodriguez: Right now I'm walking around at 230 and I'm usually fighting my opponents at 215 or a catch-weight of 220. But you know, if heavyweight is where it's going to be, that's where I'll go. But my goal is to eventually get down to 205. I'm just waiting for an organization to pay me decently to get down to that weight to fight. 

SB Nation will be here with more details as they emerge but it doesn't appear that we'll see the fight happen at 205.