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Live-Blogging NASCAR's Weekend In Chicago...Er, Joliet

NASCAR makes its annual trip to the Windy City – correction: Somewhat close to the Windy City – for a Saturday night race under the lights.

In reality, Chicagoland Speedway is not in Chicago or really even nearby. It's in the region, though, about an hour south of downtown Chicago (depending on traffic) near Joliet.

Regardless of where it is, Chicagoland is a 1.5-mile track that is similar to Kansas and its most famous moments (depending on who you ask) are either Matt Kenseth spinning Jeff Gordon to win in 2006 or a giant orange breaking loose from its moorings and bouncing down the track in 2004.

Perhaps we're in store for a more memorable moment this weekend.

Check back here for news, updates, analysis and a live race chat on Saturday night.