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Report: Jilted By LeBron, Knicks On Verge Of Signing Raymond Felton

The New York Knicks have reportedly moved quickly after losing the LeBron-a-thon and are now on the verge of signing Raymond Felton, formerly of the Charlotte Bobcats. Not LeBron, but a good player in his own right.

The length of the deal has not yet been agreed upon, but Felton will earn a starting salary in the $7 million range. Felton was widely considered the top free-agent point guard available in this summer's superstar-laden market. ...

The Bobcats selected Felton fifth overall in the 2005 NBA draft, and he has career averages of 13.3 points, 6.4 assists and 1.4 steals per game. He's proved to be durable, appearing in at least 78 games in each of his five seasons as Charlotte's starting point guard, and should bring stability to the Knicks' backcourt.

While wanting (probably rightly so) to see something a little more concrete before getting too far down the road, Posting and Toasting -- our Knicks blog -- tries to put together what this might mean.

If the Knicks are signing Raymond Felton along with the pieces they just acquired from Golden State, it looks like D'Antoni will finally pop the clutch and run teams out of the building.

Keep an eye on P&T for all the developments on this and other Knicks signings.