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Inhistoric: Now in Color


Good news, everyone!

I've got a pair of site updates to dish out for the first day of August. For one, if you search "Inhistoric" in Google, it no longer asks, "Did you mean: 'In historic?" The mighty search engine has finally acknowledged that this site exists, and that you're not making a spelling error if you type in the name of this site. That may not seem like much of an achievement (probably because it isn't), but ever since I started this blog, Google has refused to actually acknowledge Inhistoric as a word... until now.

The reason why it took so long is because of a dumb mistake on my part. When I first got the domain name, I just sort of sat on it and began building up the Today in Sports History articles, which you see before you. However, because literally nothing was done to the site in the first five or six months, Inhistoric was pretty much ignored by search engines when I finally started posting.

Let that be a lesson to you prospective bloggers out there: don't make the mistake I did. Put content on your site as quickly as possible, otherwise your page rank will suffer.

In other well-overdue news, Inhistoric has a Twitter page. You can find the link on the left side of the page, right under the "More SB Nation Blogs" section. I've had the Twitter page for a few months, but have pretty much ignored it -- since I've never had the desire to do anything with it. But for those of you who care about Twitter, you now know where to find it. I actually put a little bit of work into making the background wallpaper, which I think looks pretty good; it isn't horrible for Paint Shop Pro 7 editing.

Also in the world of the Internet, how awesome is it that The Pirate Bay is still up and going? Bittorrent sold out YEARS ago, and yet TPB is still going strong, even with the legal mumbo-jumbo it's going through. I mean, it's called The Pirate Bay! How in the world is it still running?!