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Correll Buckhalter Taken To Hospital With Leg Numbness

Earlier this morning, Correll Buckhalter left the Broncos' first practice with an apparent leg injury. While fellow running back Knowshon Moreno had to be be carted off the field, Buckhalter merely limped off, indicating that his injury might not be as severe.

Unfortunately, once off the field, Buckhalter's condition seems to have deteriorated, and according to a series of tweets from Fox 31's Josina Anderson, he has been hospitalized:

Correll Buckhalter taken by ambulance to Sky Ridge medical center after experiencing numbness from L. hip down to L. ft. According to sources, although Buckhalter walked into the facility on his own strength he started to complain about back pain. Then after further evaluation, Buckhalter started having numbness in his left foot. While sitting therefafter, he started to have more numbness on his left side. That's when they decided to take Buckhalter to Sky Ridge to evaluate his neck and his back. I'm told that Correll walked to the ambulance on his own strength. I'm told Buckhalter's experience of numbness came on suddenly.

There's plenty to take from this information. While it's good news that Buckhalter's legs are healthy, there's really no telling how much of an issue this nerve thing is going to be going forward. Be sure to check our Broncos blog at Mile High Report for all the latest news on Buckhalter and Moreno.