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Report: Knowshon Moreno's Hamstring Not Torn

In the wake of Knowshon Moreno's leg injury this morning--and the dearth of official word on his status from his team--fear and speculation ran rampant about the severity of Moreno's injury. Reports even started trickling in that the team privately feared a torn hamstring (which would have been disastrous), and those slowly morphed into reports that Moreno had in fact torn his hamstring.

Not so, as it turns out; Fox 31's Josina Anderson continued her invaluable reporting today by breaking the news that Moreno's hamstring was not, in fact, torn. That's not to say that Moreno is fine; as the Denver Post reported, Moreno "popped his [hamstring] pretty good," and he'll likely miss a good portion of camp as he recovers. Similarly, there's no word on when Correll Buckhalter will return from his back injury. But neither player is expected to miss all of the six weeks before the start of the season, and that's all the team can ask for after the scares from this morning.