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Jimmie Johnson Feels Bad About Causing Wreck, Says Kurt Busch Doesn't Like Him

Jimmie Johnson expressed regret over causing Sunday's big crash at Pocono – a wreck that could have seriously injured Elliott Sadler – but refuted Kurt Busch's claim that Johnson "drove straight through" the No. 2 car.

Johnson said Busch was "already wobbling" when the failed bump-draft occurred and added, "I certainly feel bad" about the incident.

"I am glad the 19 (of Sadler) is OK," Johnson said. "I understand he took a heck of a hit. Last thing I wanted to do was cause a wreck or crash the 2 or anything like that. I feel bad about that but we were all just racing real hard down the back."

Told of Busch's comments, however, Johnson said Busch has never shied away from making him look bad.

"Kurt isn't very fond of me; he never has been," Johnson said. "I think when he has a chance to take a shot at me, he will probably do so. But (the wreck was) certainly nothing intentional and if he would like to talk about it, I'm more than willing to talk about."

Johnson said he planned to communicate with Busch about the incident.

"I will definitely talk to him," he said. "I mean, if I am right or wrong, I have nothing to hide, so I will gladly talk to him."