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Memphis To Big East, Says Another Radio Station

So far this year, approximately 5,265 local radio stations have started a rumor that TEAM A was leaving CONFERENCE A for CONFERENCE B.  And approximately 5,265 of those rumors have been proven false.

Well, make it 5,266.  Matt Jones at Kentucky Sports Radio just dropped a nugget that made the Twittersphere explode in regards to Memphis joining the Big East.

Put this in the "rumor to file away in case it happens category." Usually reliable source tells me Memphis will join the Big East on Tuesday

Take it with a pillar of salt, as usual.  Though with Big East Media Day on Tuesday, the timing does make sense.  And we all know Memphis has been destined to join the Big East ever since they hired former BE commish Mike Tranghese as a consultant.

It wouldn't be the most shocking news in the world if it's true.  It would just be shocking that, for once, a rumor like this actually comes to pass.