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Paul Daley Signs Six Fight Contract With Strikeforce

Via MMA Weekly:

Paul Daley, who was let go by the UFC following a post fight punch on opponent Josh Koscheck, will get a second shot with a major promotion as he has signed a new 6-fight deal with Strikeforce that will see the welterweight debut in 2010.

The news was confirmed to by sources close to the situation on Sunday, and first reported by

Weekly would go on to confirm the story with Strikeforce officials.

Daley is undeniably a talent but the thing that made him most expendable to the UFC wasn't that he violated a rule of conduct, it is that he is very unlikely to be a champion in any sort of legitimate promotion. Daley would have no chance against a Georges St. Pierre and it was no shock when Koscheck was able to control him for three rounds. While Paul has great kickboxing he is very weak in his wrestling game and against the top end of the division he is likely to get taken down over and over.

That being said, it makes a lot of sense for Strikeforce to bring him in and try to make use of him. Daley has a big personality and can beat a lot of middle of the road 170 pounders.

Following his dismissal from the UFC Daley defeated Daniel Acacio at Impact FC and is scheduled to fight on the Shark Fights 13 event.