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Jaguars Dance-Off Reminds You: A Gentleman Is Always Prepared

A gentleman must have several prepared theatricalities in his repertoire to enjoy the favors of society. He must recite poetry from memory, for instance, to dazzle the belles of the ball. My personal choice in the department of verse: 

There once was a man from Sandhurst

Who drank from the sea for his thirst 

Salt water he guzzled 

Till he had to be muzzled 

Since he went mad, bit a policeman, and nearly died of dehydration before his arrest. (AUTHOR'S NOTE: LAST LINE NEEDS WORK!--ed.) 

Additionally, a gentleman must be able to take up any sort of challege at any time, be it in billards, whist, tobacco-spitting, or even on the squeaking waxy boards of the dancefloor. Here we clearly see Kyle Bosworth, Jacksonville Jag-you-arr, facing off in a competition against Deji Karim, a fellow Jag-you-arr who unwisely challenged him to perform in a duel of spontaneous choreographical gamboling in the Jag-you-arrs' Gentleman's Lounge. 

Behold the necessity of a well-honed dance repertoire! See Deji Karim learn that having one dance, even "The Stanky Leg," is far from sufficient in a duel with a versatile prancer like Bosworth! 

Remember, a challenger can appear at any instant. To be prepared is to be a gentleman, which by his high-flying aerobatics and nimble mime-basketball it appears Mr. Bosworth truly is. (HT: Barstool Sports.