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Mike Leach To Drop Stone Cold Jurisprudential Science In October

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Less than sixty shopping days until Leachmas! For those of you not following along in your page-a-day Countdown To Mike Leach Calling Craig James Horrible Names In Court calendars, look alive. We're under two months now until the Dread Cap'n Leach faces Texas Tech's band of marauding bureaucrats before the jolly magistrate:

The Amarillo appeals court handling former Texas Tech coach Mike Leach's lawsuit against the university over his 2009 firing has set Oct. 7 for oral arguments.

The school in Lubbock is appealing a trial court judge's ruling that, by its conduct, the university waived its right to sovereign immunity in Leach's breach of conduct claim.

Oct. 7, by the way, falls the week after the Iowa State game, so it's fairly safe to say spirits will be high on the University's side. It's also a mere two days before the Red Raiders are scheduled to meet Baylor at the Cotton Bowl. Will the old Cap'n is planning on pressing his pirate academy student section into service for a few warmup cheers on the courthouse steps? Stay tuned.

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