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Ian Kinsler's Return From Groin Strain Pushed Back A Few Weeks

The Rangers originally figured that second baseman Ian Kinsler would be able to return from his groin strain in the middle of the month, but that timetable has been pushed back a little bit:

The All-Star second baseman had an MRI Tuesday, which showed improvement in his strained left groin. But there is also still inflammation there, and he likely won't try to swing a bat for at least a week. Originally Kinsler was expected to return somewhere in mid August, but general manager Jon Daniels said it could be the end of the month until he returns now. Daniels said it could also be early September for his return too.

The good news for the Rangers is that their division lead is wide enough that they don't have to panic and try to get Kinsler to hurry back, but with Cristian Guzman struggling to get going as a fill-in, Kinsler's presence is rather obviously missed.