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Will West Virginia Players' Sartorial Shenanigans Draw NCAA Ire?

With West Virginia's failure-to-monitor chickens coming home to roost, the Mountaineers can ill afford any more compliance-related missteps, but after two days of camp, here we are: illegal fashion statements on the practice field! Do the Mountain State's propensities for bootlegging know no bounds? Can you stand to breathe with all this intrigue?!

WVU athletics spokesman Michael Fragale said Tuesday the school is aware some players wore vests during the first two days of practice, when NCAA rules stipulate only helmets are allowed. He says WVU is exploring further and if NCAA rules were violated, will declare a secondary infraction.

While the university takes its sweet time "exploring" what players wore to camp, like this is some grand undertaking that requires magnifying glasses and distinguished-but-jaunty hats, allow me to reassure a hand-wringing public: Breathe regular. They're clearly talking about fishing vests. It's all part of Bill Stewart's fiendish, folksy scheme to bolster last year's 90th-ranked passing offense by outfitting every receiver with shiny lures for better downfield visibility.