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Chipper Jones Diagnosed With Sprained Left Knee; Will Have MRI

The word is in on Chipper Jones' injury, at least for now:

Braves' Chipper update: Sprained left knee, will have MRI on Thursday and be reevaluated

As David O'Brien pointed out earlier:

Left knee is the one Chipper had reconstructed after tearing the ACL as a rookie in spring training 1994, missed that entire season

All in all, a knee sprain is a far better outcome than it could've been. This, of course, is pending results of the MRI, which could reveal further damage.

With Martin Prado on the DL and Chipper likely set to join him, the Braves are having a bit of a rough month. However, Chipper's immediate replacement - Brooks Conrad - hit a big lead-changing home run in the ninth inning, so perhaps the bench guys are up to the challenge.