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Down On The Farm: Baseball America Chat With Jim Callis


Here are a few excerpts from the Wednesday afternoon chat with Jim Callis over at Baseball America:

    Gary (Kansas City): Rank 'em for me, if you could. Moustakas, Myers, Lamb, Hosmer. Or do I have it correct?

Jim Callis: I'd flip Hosmer and Lamb, but you could argue just about any order on those four. Yes, the Royalssystem is stocked, and it doesn't end there either.

Yes, the Royals certainly have a bright future. They could be a solid team in 3-4 years with Mike Moustakas at third base, Wil Myers are catcher or right field, Eric Hosmer at first base and John Lamb pitching. They also have starter Mike Montgomery.

    Brian (Chicago): I read Tyler Jett's story on Wil Myers needing 2 years to be big league ready but his defense behind the plate might not be ready at that time. What is your take on Myers? Would you keep him behind the plate as long as possible or make him a right fielder right now?

Jim Callis: I'd still try to make him a catcher. Keep him behind the plate until at least the second half of next year. If he's not showing much progress by then, consider moving him. The bat should play anywhere.

More on Myers. He will be a top 5 prospect come 2011 most likely.

    Greg (LA): Explain the logic of the Dotel trade to me. The LAD's have enough relievers (Troncoso is in AAA), Dotel is a 2 month hire, and they gave up McDonald (probably as good as Dotel) and Lambo, who looks like he has real potential as a LF. What was Ned thinking?

Jim Callis: I think you're a little optimistic on McDonald and Lambo. It was a short-term move, giving up two once-valued prospects who had lost some luster.

Totally agree with Jim here. Too many on the blogosphere were quick to bash Ned Colletti for this deal. I liked it.

    Eli (NY): What do you think Montero's ceiling is? 320 average 30 + hrs?

Jim Callis: That's a fair ceiling. When we were asking scouts to grade the best tools of the best players on our Top 100 before the season, Montero was getting some 70s and 75s for his hitting ability and power.

Pretty damn good for a DH. I think we see him in pinstripes in 2011. And here's another reason why he will not catch in the big leagues:

Yes. RT @MitchellNJ: @Kevin_Goldstein Just saw Posada make another bad play at Catcher. Can Montero really be much worse then Posada??

This is the Trenton beat writer folks: RT @jnorris427Heard one pitcher this year say he's the worst defensive catcher he's ever seen


    Dan (Baltimore): Now that Harper is out in RF, how much seperation is there between him and Jameson Taillon for the best prospect in the draft class?

Jim Callis: Harper was the best prospect in this draft. That said, I think he's somewhat overhyped and won't be the instant Strasburg-like savior that fans expect. In many drafts, Taillon and Manny Machado would have been quality No. 1 overall picks, and they're not far behind Harper.

I think I read somewhere that Jameson Taillon could be a top 10 prospect in all of baseball come 2011. Either that or my memory is failing me.

    Stan (NYC): Please give me a abbreviated scouting report on George Springer. Why is he being mentioned as a possible #1 overall pick next year?

Jim Callis: Great bat speed and power potential, good athlete, runs well.

A name to remember come the 2011 draft. The Pirates and Orioles will battle for the chance to draft him. Didn't they play in the 1979 World Series?