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Dale Earnhardt and Amp continue to be fan favourites

O.K. I admit this is a bit of an Amp promo, but for good reason.  Throughout the year I get a ton of press releases from NASCAR, NASCAR teams and their sponsors as well as from some driver's agents and PR firms.  One type of press release that I always seem to get is; (insert driver's name here) surprised employees at (insert driver's sponsor name here).  Said driver posed for pictures and signed autographs for surprise employees."

Well I got another one of those emails, or so I thought.  Once I read the email more I noticed there was something different about it, the driver in question, Dale Earnhardt Jr., surprised workers in an office that had nothing to do with his sponsor, Amp.  Dale just showed up and started handing out samples of his sponsor's product, signed autographs, posed for pictures, and handed out tickets to an upcoming Sprint Cup race.  Now granted he was filiming a video near the office and they probably planned to do something like that but what is important to me is that it was an office that had nothing to do with the sponsor or driver other than being near or part of the video shoot.

Imagine going into work one day and having Dale Jr show up out of the blue handing out Amp drinks and tickets to a future race?  Cool stuff for sure.  Hey Dale, come to my office next will you?

This is just another example why Amp and Dale Jr continue to be fan favourites.