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Chipper Jones Will Rehab, Attempt To Return In 2011

Chipper Jones staged an afternoon press conference on Friday in which he revealed his plans for the future. Said plans?

Chipper says he will rehab and attempt to play again next year.

It would most certainly appear that Chipper does not want to walk away with injuring his ACL being his final accomplishment on the field. And so he will put himself through a pretty strenuous and serious rehab in an attempt to return to the Braves next season.

Of note is that Jones is under contract in 2011 for $13 million, so his attempted comeback contains both good news and bad news. It's also unclear whether he would be capable of staying at third base, or if a move to first could be in the cards.

There's no guarantee that Jones will be able to return after this, but it is the likelihood, meaning that, at least for the time being, we can shelve the reflections on his career and the discussions of whether or not he's worthy of induction to the Hall of Fame. For Chipper Jones' career has not yet come to an end.