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2010 Basketball Hall Of Fame Inductions: The Speeches In Springfield

On Friday night, the Basketball Hall of Fame is welcoming its 2010 class, which includes Scottie Pippen, Karl Malone, Gus Johnson, Dennis Johnson, Cynthia Cooper, and the 1960 U.S. Olympic team, and the 1992 "Dream Team."

Bulls great Scottie Pippen was joined on the stage by Michael Jordan, who was inducted last year and gave a speech that generated no small amount of controversy. Fortunately -- or unfortunately, depending on what you're interested in watching -- Pippen's speech was completely by-the-book.

Pippen thanked his parents, wife, and kids, then asked his high school coach to stand and take applause, and said, "I didn't mean for you to sit that far back." He also took time to thank his coaches at Central Arkansas, as well as former Bulls coach Phil Jackson.

He then addressed all his former Bulls teammates in attendance, and asked them to stand for applause themselves.

While not noteworthy in and of itself, Pippen did take a moment to simply thank Bulls owner Jerry Reinsdorf.

Conventional speech ranking (1-10): 9
Did he break down at any point? It appeared so.
Speech length: ~5 minutes