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Torre: Jonathan Broxton Out As Dodger Closer

One month ago, Jonathan Broxton represented the Dodgers at the All-Star Game.  Now, he's representing them at the end of the bench. Since June 27, he has a 9.87 ERA in14 games, including the one against the Phillies Thursday in which he gave up four-runs in the ninth en route to a loss.  So it's time for some tough love from skipper Joe Torre, who has relieved Broxton of his relieving duties.

...before Friday’s game in Atlanta, Torre said Hong-Chih Kuo would take over the closing duties for now. Now, however, not being Friday night.

If the Dodgers get ahead Friday, Torre said he would use Octavio Dotel.

True Blue LA would like to see Broxton's workload decreased, in hopes that it will remedy the situation.  Torre says the move is temporary, though there is no timetable for Jonathan.

True Blue LA and SB Nation LA will have more on this as it develops.