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On This Episode Of "When Fan Promotions Go Wrong"

Well, that's it.  From now on, no Major League basball player who falls and breaks their arm while running the bases is allowed to just lay there and cry.  Thanks to eleven-year-old kid, the pain threshold required of baserunners has officially been raised.

Beecher Halladay, who may or may not be wanted in the Wyoming territory for cattle rustling, took part in a fan promotion at Angels Stadium back in July.  He had to run from an arbitrary spot in the outfield to third base in an arbitrary amount of time in order to win some kind of arbitrary t-shirt.  Things went south early as Beecher slipped, fell and broke his humerus bone.  If you think that was the end of Beecher Halladay, well then you don't know Beecher Halladay:

Remember this next time one of your team's players goes on the 15-day DL for a sprained toe.

H/T: Deadspin