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Patrick Kane Reads 'Twilight' Book In Bed, Gets Sold Out By Mom

Even though he won a Stanley Cup this year, it's hard to forget that boyish-faced, mullet-wearing, cabbie-miffing Patrick Kane is still really young. It makes sense for him to be into the same sorts of things "the kids" are into these days. Like, say, the final installment of the Twilight saga. Take it away, Patrick Kane's mother!

It was his mother, Donna, who caught the 21-year-old in the act — of reading a book.

While the fourth installment of the "Twilight" series isn't exactly Tolstoy, the image of Kane in the bedroom of his Buffalo childhood home, curled up with a book instead of carousing on the streets of his hometown, is fairly startling.

That will probably get brought up during training camp. I wonder, can young Patrick save himself with a good reason for reading Breaking Dawn and figuring out what happens to Bella and Edward?

Uh, no.

"Ohhhh," Kane said with a laugh after regaining his composure. "She would throw me under the bus like that. I watched the first three movies and was really interested … so I decided to read the fourth book. I kind of snuck it in there, and she walked in a couple of times with me reading the book. I tried to hide it, but it wasn't happening."

Now, a 21-year-old hiding a book from his mother is probably cute to someone, somewhere, and it is nice that Kane owned up to his taste. But a tough hockey player reading a book about the consummation of an epic vampire love story—and only after being intrigued by the mopey, angst-ridden movie adaptations—is a recipe for ridicule.