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John Wood v. Christian Grosinsky Canceled From Strikeforce Challengers Due To Paperwork Issue

There was a situation on this past Friday's Strikeforce Challengers card where a prelim bout between John Wood and Christian Grosinsky was canceled at the last minute after last minute replacement Wood's blood work was lost. I covered the initial issue at Bloody Elbow where a source from in Wood's camp said:

John took the fight on 4 days notice and had his bloodworked faxed to the arena. They told John they couldn't find his bloodwork and scrapped his fight. Then they refused to pay him. John drove from Vegas to Phoenix on his own and didn't get paid a dime. Strikeforce told John to talk to the local promoter and the local promoter told him to talk to Strikeforce and he didn't get paid.

The situation would continue with Strikeforce issuing a response to clarify that they were not at fault:

We DID NOT lose the blood test results of Christian Grosinsky's opponent.  Strikeforce did not handle the licensing of the fighters on the undercard.  The commission informed us that John Wood's blood test results were not turned in and, therefore, ruled him ineligible to compete.  I will gladly have someone from the commission verify this information for you.

However, the details that would come out here involved the fact that Strikeforce has local promoters put together their undercards and they don't fully oversee everything from start to finish on the undercard which resulted in the two fighters making no money for cutting weight and putting in training camps. The full details can be read here.