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Dwyane Wade Shows No Quarter To The Young Folk

It's quite possible, even likely, that this video, in addition to some of his ill-advised comparisons to 9/11, will be among the reasons cited why fans should harbor an intense dislike for the Miami Heat in general and Dwyane Wade in particular. Taking part in a World Basketball Festival event in New York City's Rucker Park, Wade showed little of the leniency a typical adult might accord a young player. 

Sure, Wade's blocks were a little more forceful than necessary. Some might argue that he's doing a number on the kids' self-esteem. I would say just the opposite. No child should be falsely convinced that they're already capable of beating the best in the world. The cost of slight emotional damage is more than justified by the payoff in sublimated rage in later years.

Herman Blume knew this. And who could ever be led astray by his teachings?

[H/T - Red's Army via Last Angry Fan]