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Hey, Didn't You Use To Be Orlando Cabrera?

Orlando Cabrera found a new way to contribute to the Reds despite being on the disabled list since Aug. 3. He served as a batboy during the Cincinnati-Florida game Sunday at Great America Park.

Although Cabrera is nearly twice as old as the Reds usual 16-year-old teenage batboy and sported a scruffy beard, he went pretty much unnoticed in the dugout.

"I didn't know," Reds manager Dusty Baker said. "When he was taking balls out to the umpire, I said, 'I know that guy."

As the saying goes, Cabrera shouldn't quit his day job. He called it a day after four innings, turning the position back to 16-year-old Luke Stowe, son of equipment manager Rick Stowe.

"He said, 'Man, this is tough work,' and left after the fourth inning, but he did a great job," Stowe said.