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Jacoby Ellsbury Makes Third Trip To Disabled List With Rib Injury

2010 has been a season to forget for Jacoby Ellsbury. After returning from his second stint on the DL in early August, Ellsbury managed to play in all of nine games before hurting his ribs again, this time in a collision with Rangers pitcher Tommy Hunter at first base. Ellsbury collided with the large starter and fell down, causing some trauma to the same area of his ribcage that had been hurt earlier in the year.

Result? A third trip to the disabled list, and one that could even wind up ending Ellsbury's season. Says Terry Francona:

Asked if Ellsbury’s absence might be extended, especially with just seven weeks and 44 games left in the regular season, Francona said, “Yeah. That’s why we want to get more information because we don’t know. I think [team medical director] Tom Gill is pretty open about wanting to get more information. So we’ll see.

“I’m not sure Jake has to go out there [to Los Angeles to see Yocum]. If Yocum wants to see him, Jake will go. So that’s kind of where we’re at.’’

With both Ellsbury and Mike Cameron hurting, the Red Sox will use Eric Patterson, Darnell McDonald, and Ryan Kalish in center field.