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7500 To Holte: Milner, Just Sign On The Dotted Line

SB Nation's Aston Villa blog has had to ride the roller coaster of the James Milner saga since it's early-summer early-days.  As the story mercifully meets a conclusion, 7500 to Holte's Kirsten Schlewitz is still conflicted:

What needs to be said has been said over and over. Villa is getting £18M. And a midfielder. We're getting the better end of the bargain.


But yesterday's news of a 24-hour ultimatum gave me hope. I thought maybe, just maybe, it gave City an out, a way to save face. With 54,821 players on their roster, they certainly don't need another clogging the bench. It appears, however, that City are finding a way to finish the deal.

That is does, melancholy Villan.

For more from a Villa fan's perspective, you can read Kirsten's thoughts in James Milner To Manchester City: Just Sign On The Dotted Line or visit SB Nation's Aston Villa blog: 7500 to Holte.