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MLB Draft Deadline: Barret Loux Granted Free Agency After Failing To Sign With Diamondbacks

Things were looking good for both Barret Loux and the Diamondbacks when the team selected the pitcher sixth overall in the June draft. Loux, however, subsequently failed a physical and was revealed to have a shoulder tear and elbow problems, forcing the Diamondbacks to back out of their agreement. How should such an unusual situation be handled? This is how. Via a joint press release sent out by Loux and the organization:

We have reached an agreement regarding Barret Loux’s status that is mutually beneficial to the parties. Today Commissioner Selig has announced that Loux will become a free agent on September 1. As such, he will be free to sign with any Major League Club at that time. In addition, the Arizona Diamondbacks will receive a Supplemental Selection in the 2011 First-Year Player Draft. The agreement also provides an opportunity for the Commissioner’s Office and the Players Association globally to the address the issues that can arise from questions concerning a drafted player’s health. Given the private nature of the underlying disagreement here, neither party will be making any further public comments about this situation.

The Diamondbacks get their pick back - sort of - and, come September 1st, Loux will be free to negotiate with any team, and as such should still be able to make a fair amount of money. The young pitcher will command a lot of interest, even with his health concerns.