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Brett Favre Reportedly Returning To Minnesota To Rejoin Vikings

As if there were any doubt, Minnesota Vikings QB Brett Favre appears poised to announce his return to the NFL for the 2010 season.

An email from his official website to Pro Football Talk says this:

"Stay tuned for breaking news from the Minnesota Vikings today on Brett Favre's possible return. Visit the and for more information."

The Vikings sent three players to his Hattiesburg, MS home on Tuesday morning to convince him to return. According to Jay Glazer of, the move has worked.

Brett Favre has told trio of vikings who came to persuade him to return that he is "back in" and is on plane back to minny now

Apparently news spreads fast because Favre's official website is not currently loading.

NFL Network's Scott Hanson joins Glazer in reporting that Favre is currently "on a jet headed north."

Stay tuned to Daily Norseman for more Brett Favre news.