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Eli Manning Getting 'Battery Of Tests', Status Uncertain For Steelers Game

Giants quarterback Eli Manning took a nasty cut to his forehead that caused some bleeding and forced him to leave Monday night's game against the Jets.

Manning was at the Hospital for Special Surgery in Manhattan getting a "battery of tests" done this afternoon but the quarterback said he didn't have any pain the day after the injury.

Now Manning has a bit of a logistical problem. If he can practice, the Giants want to get him on the field. However, Manning's cut is on his forehead and putting a helmet on could disrupt the healing process.

"We will wait and hear what the doctors have to say once all the examinations are concluded," Coughlin said. "The idea for me going forward was how we are going to make it so that he can practice and play with the stitches. Naturally there is concern there from the doctor's standpoint because just the nature of where the helmet sits according to where the stitches sit could create a problem in terms of healing."

Giants head coach Tom Coughlin didn't say whether Manning will be available on Saturday against the Steelers.

Here is video of Eli Manning's injury.

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