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Report: Mets Will Not Seek To Void Francisco Rodriguez's Contract

There has recently been speculation that the Mets would try to move to void the rest of Francisco Rodriguez's contract, which calls for  the reliever to make $11.5 million in 2011 with a $3.5 million 2012 buyout. However, NBC's Craig Calcaterra hears otherwise:

I just heard that the Mets have decided that they (a) will not attempt to void Francisco Rodriguez's deal as a result of his little fracas with his girlfriend's father, but they will (b) attempt to avoid paying him the balance of his 2010 salary as a result of him suffering a non-baseball-related injury.

Given how difficult it would've been to fight the union and void Rodriguez's entire contract, this seems like a much more doable alternative. Which isn't to say that the union won't still put up a fight, but Rodriguez did kind of screw the Mets out of money with his off-field act of aggression, so the Mets certainly have a compelling argument.

Rodriguez is still owed just over $3 million for the rest of 2010.