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Black And Red United: CONCACAF Champions League Group C Preview

CONCACAF Champions League's Group C has been labeled by most the group of death, a label that Chest Rockwell at Black and Red United disagrees with, if only slightly.

In Chest's Group C preview, he starts by talking about the relative strength of the group headed by Mexico's Monterrey:

In my Group A preview, I said that I felt that group was the real CCL group of death. That should not mean that Group A is far and away the most difficult; I think Group C is very, very close to being just as tricky to advance from. It contains a club from each of the four biggest CONCACAF leagues, and each club enters the competition with legitimate expectations of advancing through to the knockout phase.

Despite that, the one thing you can always rely on in the CCL is that the Mexican clubs are always the favorites. In Group C, that means CF Monterrey will be expected to take the top spot. However, they're by no means guaranteed a stroll here, as each of their opponents in the group see themselves as having big futures as CONCACAF powers . . .

Chest details all four clubs in Group C over at Black and Red United in his post CONCACAF Champions League Preview (Group C).