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John Wall Likes The Cowboys? (fist pump) The Redskins Lose Again

You have to understand where I'm coming from on this one. I began liking the Cowboys almost entirely because it produced entertaining indignance from my Dad. Did they happen to be the best team in the league at that point? Sure. Rivals of my hometown Redskins? Yup. Does that make me a spineless bandwagon fan?

Yeah, but it would be more spineless of me to switch now that I'm conscious enough to realize that I began my life as a bandwagon fan (mostly to piss off my dad).

...And I always knew John Wall and I had a lot in common. From the Washington Post:

"I like the Cowboys, because of my mom. People aren't going to like me because of that," Wall said, laughing. Wall said he witnessed first-hand how intense the rivalry is, as he saw someone at the game get heckled and challenged to fights for wearing a Cowboys jersey. "I got to stay with the Cowboys because I can't switch teams, but I'm going to support D.C. no matter what."

AWWW NAWWW... Wall likes the Cowboys too! What up John? Let's be best friends.

Wall continued, saying "I'm in between. I'll be cheering for both of them, but I won't let anybody know." That's not cool, because nobody likes a Jimmy Fallon-type. But Wall was probably just placating 'Skins fans with that, so we'll look past it. As for the Redskins vs. Cowboys?

To re-hash an argument I've been having for my entire life...

  • The Redskins find new and different ways to suck every year. The Cowboys do, too, but at least they suck less.
  • The Redskins alienated a lot of D.C. with their racist owner, George Marshall, who refused to add African-American players until 16 years after the NFL had become integrated. That, and they're named the Redskins. As Chris Rock once said, "Washington Redskins? That's like having a team called the New York N*****s."
  • To this point, if you go to a game, you'll find that 'Skins fans are mostly from Virginia and Maryland. D.C., on the other hand, is at least a 70-30 between Skins and Cowboys fans, and probably closer to 50-50. As D.C. rapper Wale once lamented, "With one another it's hard. Nobody reppin' the 'Skins, they busy cheerin' them stars."
  • Dan Snyder vs. Jerry Jones is a wash, because both men are completely reprehensible characters. But at least Jerry's honest about it.
  • Would you rather cheer for a team that consistently signs star players two years past their prime and annually expects a Super Bowl only to have their hopes dashed by Week 6, or a team that annually contends for a Super Bowl? If Wall's going to adopt a D.C. team, he should start going to Caps games.
  • Would you rather celebrate "the Hogs" or Michael Irvin and the '90s Cowboys?
  • Joe Gibbs retired and took over a Nascar team. Jimmy Johnson retired and went to an island to fish and drink and wear goofy Hawaiian shirts.
  • Darrell Green and Sean Taylor were both incredibly awesome, and for Cowboys fans like me and John, there's simply no getting around this fact. That, and LeBron likes the Cowboys, and that's tough to swallow. 

But still, all things considered, why would anyone choose the Redskins over the Cowboys? I mean, besides having a soul and loyalty to your city. Other than that, isn't the choice obvious?

As a Wizards fan with high hopes for this season, I like John Wall's decision making already.